Games, 22 May 2015

Since it was an off night for the Nats and the Wizards are out of the playoffs, it was an easy night in sports. I watched the Brewers and the Braves up to the point when Will Smith was ejected. Then I switched to the NBA playoffs, with the Rockets and Warriors. Since the Wizards are out I am rooting for the Warriors to win it all.

playoffs2014 The game lived up to the expectations as Harden was carrying the Rockets with the help of Howard and the supporting cast, but Harden was unable to get the final shot off before time ran out. This match up is the best happening right now. Now, this isn’t saying the Cavs Hawks match up is boring but honestly, it will take more than what the Hawks have to put out LeBron and the Cavs. Even without Love. Love is a great player, but the supporting cast they have in Smith alone is enough to cover them in the loss of Love. Anyone looking at the possibility of a Cavs Warriors final needs to look at both teams and their respective benches. I believe favor is in the Warriors. Then again, this is the NBA where anything can happen.


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