The story behind the Nationals squirting chocolate syrup on each other after big wins

There has been recent thoughts and comments regarding the Nationals celebration involving chocolate syrup.

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Now Max Scherzer’s reasoning for this style of celebration makes sense. Why not use chocolate syrup? Now some of the comments are rude and borderline obnoxious. If anyone takes this style of celebration in any other way needs to remove their minds from the gutter. This is no different than when the Texas Rangers celebrating with dry ginger ale, hockey fans throwing squids, hats, rubber rats, dildos, chickens, fish, rotting fish, catfish, sharks, or beef. This is only to name a few, so chocolate syrup is really not that odd.

In my opinion, keep up the great work and keep on celebrating. It is unique and makes perfect sense, there is nothing better than chocolate syrup to top off a sundae or a win!


source: Getty Images

Well, there’s not much of a story. The upshot is that, rather than Gatorade baths or pies to the face, the Nats have taken to squirting chocolate syrup on each other after walkoff wins or other big moments. Dan Steinberg and James Wagner of the Post has the story about it. Short version it’s mostly Max Scherzer’s doing and there is no symbolism involved. It’s primary significance is “hey, we can do this, so why not?”

The bigger takeaway: it’s a gigantic pain in the butt for the clubhouse staff:

Cleaning chocolate syrup off a baseball uniform has proven to be about a two-hour process: attendants first soak the chosen uniforms in a mixture of Tide detergent powder and hot water. They then scrub the uniforms by hand while using Slide Out — a baseball detergent — and/or a pine tar remover. Finally, they run the uniforms through a normal…

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