The Call Heard Around The World.


In case you are not an baseball fan, or sports fan in general I will explain. Marvin Hudson is a home base umpire in the Nationals vs Yankees. Bryce Harper is up to bat, arguably on such a hot streak most pitchers fear him coming up to bat. While it is early in the season, each game has its own importance, especially being the Yankees.

All seems to be normal until Harper was pitched to and it was low…way low and Hudson calls a strike. Harper seemed to let Hudson know it was low, no big deal, again everything seems normal. Then it happens…the Nationals dugout, I am guessing Matt Williams called Hudson out on the horrible call. Harper was still in the batters box, but when Hudson took of his mask to say something to the dugout, Harper stepped out of the batters box. Hudson tells Harper to get back in the box in which Harper was not ready and then Harper was tossed. So, to recap, the pitch was way low, Harper’s reaction to said pitch is not why he was tossed. Harper got in the box, Hudson did not resume, Harper got out of the batters box, Hudson tossed Harper.

Now, to put to rest any conspiracy theories, Hudson is not on the Yankee payroll. MLB takes precautions in making sure no umps has any ties to a particular team, fan or not. Hudson has no history in being such a ump or showing favoritism (at least what I can find). So, why did he toss Harper? What was the reason?

From the pool reporter, Marvin Hudson states “He didn’t like the pitch, and I (Marvin Hudson) let him (Harper) have his say going and coming. The dugout didn’t like it, and one thing led to another and I had to run him, I had to eject him.” Hudson was then asked if the ejection had anything to do with Harper not getting back in the box in which his reply was “No, had nothing to do with the box.” (Dan Kolko reported)

So, what was the reason? There was no direct answer given by Hudson. I understand the umps are responsible for keeping the game in check and everyone’s emotions, but it seems there is no one around to keep the umps emotions in check. Here is my theory, Hudson made a bad call and he knew it, but instead of admitting his mistake, he wanted to push the game past that point. Once Matt Williams got involved he knew he couldn’t get past that call. Then Hudson tossed Harper and then tossed Williams and the game continued. Matt Williams was doing what any good skipper does, takes up for his players especially when such a horrible call is made.

If nothing else comes from this, it should alleviate Hudson from being any part of post season action.

The Nationals go on to win the game and takes over first place in National League East. Luckily, that call did not change the outcome of the game.


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